Game Gear

at the Lobby


What would a game inn be without games. Hundreds of games to play on Playstation, Nintendo Switch, VR and the Arcade time machine.

console cabinet at Game Inn 'The Lobby'

Playstation 4

All guest rooms come with one or more Playstations 4 and head sets. Play online or offline.

arcade cabinet at Game Inn 'The Lobby'

Arcade cabinet

An arcade cabinet in the communal living room with thousands of oldschool arcade games.

playstation and nintendo at Game Inn 'The Lobby'

Multiple consoles

The communal living room is set up with a Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Nintendo Switch and Virtual Reality.

chess at game inn ´game inn the lobby´


And for the very old school players, a chess board.

game cellar at game inn ´game inn the lobby´

None (video)game cellar

Have a beer, play pool, table soccer or darts.

The Lobby

A holidayhouse (for gamers) in Spain, to enjoy the sea, mountains, sun and of course gaming. Playstation 3, Playstation 4, VR, Nintendo Switch and an arcade cabinet in the big communal living room, large balcony, a garden with pool and Playstations 4 with head sets in the guestrooms. Also a big (non video)game cellar with pool billiard, table soccer and darts.
For vacation, clanmeetings or just to get away.